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    Minerals- Zinc Picolinate 25 mg - Hypoallergenic
Product Name : Zinc Picolinate 25 mg - Hypoallergenic
Manufacture Name : Kirkman Labs
Product Code : 0423-150
Price : $21.25
Weight : 0.50 (In lbs)
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Description Zinc Picolinate is an excellent form of zinc with good absorption qualities. Many doctors are recommending this form. KirkmanŽ also markets zinc liquid and a zinc citrate/chelate capsule. All have outstanding absorption characteristics. Zinc is present in every cell in the body and is also a component in over 200 enzymes as well. Actually, zinc is involved in more enzymatic reactions than any other mineral constituent in mammals. Zinc is essential for normal skin, vision, smell, taste, reproduction and for protein synthesis and wound healing. It is also one of the most important factors in a healthy immune system, as well as being essential to normal brain development. The best sources of zinc are shellfish, fish, and red meats with oysters being by far the richest source. Substantial amounts are also found in certain plant foods such as whole grains, legumes, nuts, mushrooms and some herbs. The zinc from plant sources is not absorbed well, because it binds to a fiber compound in plant seeds called phytic acid to form an insoluble zinc-phytate complex which can not be assimilated. Children and adults need between 10 mg. and 50 mg. daily. Though the recommended daily value is 15 mg., it is generally recognized that 30 to 50% of ingested zinc is not absorbed due to the complexing with phytic acid, perspiration loss, fiber transport through the intestine, or because of the competition for absorption with copper, iron and calcium. Though most multiple vitamins and minerals contain some zinc, most physicians recommend additional supplementation. Zinc is best taken away from food or at bedtime. Free Of Sugar, starch, casein, gluten, soy, milk, wheat, preservatives, yeast, gelatin, flavorings, colorings, corn, peanuts, tree nuts or fish

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